Focus on Performance Platform

This afternoon, at Performance Platform,  we have enjoyed pieces from our emerging musical talent at Springmead.  Having opportunity to perform as well as the discipline of practice is important in developing musical skills and purpose.  Musicality starts through early experiences – in Nursery we support this by offering a rich music environment through experiencing a wide variety of musical genres – singing and dancing together, noting rhythms, pitch and timings developing appreciation and creativity.  For older children, introducing instruments and time to explore music, as we do at Springmead, through class lessons, assemblies and concerts such as Performance Platform today, inspires and interests – children begin to decide their own preferences for instruments.  We suggest parents of Year 1 and 2 children discuss our Performance Platform event with their child to begin to make these important choices.  There is a strong case, supported by research, that music improves literacy and numeracy skills, enhances self-perception, fine motor skills, spatial reasoning and boosts self-esteem.  Musical experiences and practice provide attainable challenges.  We are proud of our young musicians and their families who create a supportive environment that encourages creativity and self-expression.

We are so fortunate to offer such an extensive and exciting music provision here at Springmead, with an enormously talented and committed team of peripatetic staff.

We offer lessons in:




Drum Kit






Toot ‘n’ Dood



Music Theory

Introduction to Music

And we can also offer Violin and Viola

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