We are really grateful

Thank you so much for everything you are doing for the
children and for us as working parents. Your commitment,
efforts and hard work have been noticed and, alongside
Google Classrooms, it’s meant that we are able to get some
work done during the day while the children are at home.
We know this will be taking a toll on the teachers. Constant
online feedback for the children, daily Zoom sessions and
planning and uploading of lessons which can accessed from
home can’t be easy.

We wanted you to know we are really grateful.

Lisa Millard

The Springmead way 'recipe'

Thank you for all your hard work in creating this incredible school. Your assembly baking video was a hoot; I bet the cake tasted amazing! We are working hard on the ‘Springmead Way’ recipe too, and A wanted you to know that she has made an extra effort to be her best-self today.

Emma Pereira

Swinging into action

I’m so grateful to the school for swinging into action so swiftly with all the recent changes and look forward to supporting A in his learning alongside Springmead at home.

Rachel Belcher

We are really grateful

Jeremey and I are really grateful that you have managed to keep the school open for key worker children, it would have been impossible to manage and would have made life/work even more challenging than it has been with us both working on the frontline.

Thank you very much.

Louisa Gale

Thankful for all the guidance

Just wanted to send a message to check in, and make sure all’s well with you. I know things can’t be easy at the
moment, rest assured we know you are doing everything right by our babies, and we are so grateful. We are so
thankful for all the guidance and understanding you as a school have shown.

Julie Hammond

A huge thank to you and your teaching team for keeping the wheels on the bus in these uncertain times. When I picked G up late morning he was describing he’d had a great morning – autobiography work, maths polygon work done and a morning workout with Joe Wicks. Amazing that so much provision was put in place so quickly and has continued to evolve.

Thank you to the teachers and whole team.

Holly Keirle

We have watched our son become more happier and confident

We made the decision to move L to Springmead in Year 1 after an unsettled start to his school life. This was a very big decision for all of us but we haven’t looked back once. Every part of his and our experience of Springmead so far has been excellent and we have watched our son become even happier and more confident every day. Such a lovely group of teachers and that reflects in the attitude and kindness that you can clearly see in the children, especially in the upper part of the school.

Jessica Brackstone

Consistent and clear communications

I would like to thank you for the consistent and clear communications going out to parents at this time of uncertainty and the support you, as the Principal, have offered to our children. We both very much look forward to receiving your weekly School assembly video and have loved sharing some of your home life and special messages you have sent through. It is lovely for us to continue to feel part of the Springmead family despite not being able to see everyone each day.

I appreciate everything you are doing to put things in place for the children’s return to school and if the previous measures you put in place, prior to lockdown, are anything to go by, I feel assured that Springmead will be adhering to all Government guidelines and doing their best to make this a safe and smooth transition for parents and child.

Rachel James

Springmead has been essential to her happiness

We just wanted to say a big thank you. The last few months have been rather testing for us all. However, we have only seen kindness and support from all of your teachers. C has always come home happy and looking forward to the next school day. Springmead has been essential to her happiness during lockdown and we look forward to the next step in the ‘new normal’ after half term.

With warm, best wishes.
Emma Morrell

Everyone should be really proud

I just thought that I’d let you know how impressed we are with how the school has handled everything. To have organised the children with working from home packs in such a short time was incredible, I know that other schools did not have anything in place for the first day at home, so it was great to be able to hit the ground running from day one. Your approaches to home learning has totally suited us as a family and the speed at which the school had this situation covered has been unbelievably impressive and everyone should be really proud.

Duncan Attwood

We are enormously proud of you all

Sean and I are so grateful for your hard work, kindness and thoughtfulness. I cannot imagine what it has been like for you to lead everyone through this unprecedented and frankly rather scary time. Mrs Munckton has been our main point of contact throughout and she astounds us with her unfaltering energy, support and care. I hope you feel enormously proud of yourself and your team because we certainly are!

Laura Newmarch

We are very lucky to be part of Springmead

I would like to express my gratitude to you and the staff of Springmead for your inspirational work and educational provision, which has proved to be a daily constant in our lives. We, as parents, are striving to home school our children, in the face of extraordinary circumstances since “lockdown”. Suddenly, we find ourselves attempting to emulate the teachers, having been provided with the tools and resources supplied by you all. I have always been full of admiration for your methods and ethos but now more so; as you created a bespoke package for our children, scaffolding the learning and assisting parents and carers to be the conduits for the children`s learning. Indeed, the entire family have enjoyed the myriad of activities and learning opportunities.

As a key worker for the NHS, your assistance is invaluable, as it has helped to alleviate some of the challenges we are facing whilst working. We appreciate your continued professionalism and high standards. Your upbeat, yet vigilant approach (strict hygiene and safety measures) have sustained our confidence throughout; as you have led by example.

We continue to appreciate all of your efforts, as you work with us until the children are fully back into school life. You have gone above and beyond for us all, which is greatly appreciated. On behalf of my children and family we would like to express our thanks to you all- we are very lucky to be part of Springmead.

Lauren Pinkett

Always there - even when schools out

Springmead is the most supportive school. You can email after hours, with no expectation of a reply until the morning, only for you to get a response straight away, sometimes even a phone call - that's commitment, compassion and should I dare say love? A love of teaching, a love for Springmead, a love for my child, why else would they do it, they don't have to... but that's what makes Springmead special. If you are wondering whether to send your child here, don't hesitate, set a firm foundation for your child, so when their world rocks, their feet are still firmly on the ground. Thank you.

The community we needed

Sarah Baker

Firstly can I just say thank you so much for the fantastic work you have done over the past few weeks keeping the school a wonderful constant and source of joy for all the children, remotely or on-site. This morning we discussed with S the changes caused by corona virus and she told me you had told them, ‘the children will be fine but we have to look after the adults’. As a respiratory nurse, I couldn’t have explained it better myself. The school has been the community we needed both virtually and in real life and the hard work by you all has been amazing, thank you to both yourself, Sally and the wonderful school community we know and love so dearly.

The Zoom sessions are great

Melissa Royce

I just wanted to say thanks for all of the hard work that has gone into the home schooling system. Having information on Google Classroom is definitely making home-schooling easier to work with and to work through the work. The Zoom sessions are great, R enjoys seeing Mrs Sadowski and his class on a daily basis it gives him a good positive boost which he needs at the moment due to missing school and his friends.

We are hugely grateful for the hard work & support you are all putting in especially with the regular curve balls and changes from the Government.

Supporting key worker children

David and Cath Oliver

We’ve been loving watching your weekly remote assembly as a family and R has really enjoyed listening to Mrs Cox reading Peter Pan! You and your team have been doing an amazing job at managing to not only teach remotely, whilst learning all the new technology, but also the challenge of supporting key worker children in school.

We can honestly say we couldn’t be more pleased with Springmead and are so happy we moved the kids, especially given the current situation.

Smiles on faces, keeping it going

This week as you know I’ve returned to work. Kitted out in my overalls, mouth mask, goggles and gloves provided by my employer) to manage the supply of automotive vehicles and service repairs to front line workers. I arrived at work, frightened for F returning to school but also frightened for myself and my colleagues. The workshop was cleaned with an inch of its life! Floors scrubbed and surfaces wipes cleaned and then scrubbed. Then commercial jet washed (can you imagine the water and flooding on the floor) I am exhausted and a little emotional.

Then as I sat down at home tonight and discussed my fears and concerns I thought how Springmead have done this since day one, it might be week one for F, Paul and I, but day 55 for your team of teachers and TA’s. I know I have thanked you, Sally and Stacey for the amazing support and care provided for our “at home” schooling but would like to just say from the bottom of our hearts how tonight at 8pm we will be clapping for Team Springmead too because even though we know how amazing you all are I truly don’t think I really appreciated what the “at School” team have been doing. Smiles on faces, keeping it going, teaching,  caring, loving and providing the care through these difficult times, also putting themselves at risk and going above and beyond.

So from our family to the Springmead Family…THANK YOU.
Chloe Marsh

You have totally blown us away with the unfaltering support

We have loved every moment of our Springmead experience. K has had a fabulous time and has benefitted so much from the lovely nurturing environment, the wonderful caring ethos, idyllic location and the outstanding standard of education you have provided throughout.

You have totally blown us away with the unfaltering support you have given us during these very difficult times. We are enjoying our homeschool and actually have found the lockdown very grounding and a wonderful mother and daughter bonding time that we will treasure forever. We are so excited to have the possibility of returning to school on the 1st of June, providing it is safe to do so.

I would love K to enjoy her last few weeks with her school friends, teachers and you.

We are your greatest fans.

Claire Thorne