Focus on Year 1

Wow – what a lot we packed into a week. The Rabbits loved walking around the science fair on Friday, and we spent the afternoon doing our own experiments. We wanted to know if a snowman would get too hot if it wore a coat so we did an experiment with an ice cube and a sock and one without to see which would melt faster. We had a great discussion where they made good points about what would happen with or without a coat. At the end they were amazed to find that the snowman wouldn’t get too hot and melt in a coat and instead it would be insulated.

They also did a size comparison with the planets as fruit. It was a great visual to try and comprehend the difference.

We finished with some Oreos and took the cream off to show the different phases of the moon. I have to say they really did take their time and weren’t tempted to gobble them all up quickly!

We also did our ‘SASA’ NASA training in which they practised balance, agility, teamwork, puzzle solving and much more. Well done Rabbits!

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