Parent Information

The School day

8.00am school gate opens

8.30am lessons begin

12.00 to 1.30pm lunchtime and Extra-mural clubs

3.30pm school day ends

3.30 to 4.30pm Extra-mural clubs

3.30 to 6.00pm after school club

Pick up/drop off

Between the hours of 8.00am. to 8.30am children from Nursery to Year 2 arrive at the front door.  Parents, please park on Frome Road and walk around to the front door.   Children from Year 3 to 6 use the pupils entrance on Frome Road.  At 3.30pm. to 3:40pm please use the pupils’ entrance when collecting children. Nursery parents come into the Nursery at 3:30pm to collect through the playground door in the Nursery playground. 

During the school day, please come to the main entrance at the front of the building. If you are collecting from After School Care, between 3.40pm. and 6.00pm., please use the basement entrance on the Frome Road. For After School clubs collection at 4.30pm, please use the pupils entrance and collect children from the playground, after this time they will be taken down to After School Care. 

Please be aware, in consideration to our neighbours, and in line with the School’s planning permission, there is no parking available for parents in Castle Corner.  Please always park on Frome Road and walk around to the school entrances.  

Out of hours contact and Safeguarding

Or for the Headteacher,  Sally Cox,  in an emergency, please call: 07919 050472. For safeguarding concerns please ring Sally Cox directly or email her at  The safeguarding governor is Jo Storey, please ring or email her if you have safeguarding concerns 07990045810 or

Should you have need to make contact with the proprietor, John Forsyth, CEO of Forfar Education,  in an emergency, please call: 07443103805


Holiday Dates 2022 to 2024

Please click here to see 2022 to 2024 holiday dates as a list. For other dates and events please see the online calendar. 

Snow Plan

If the School is closed we will notify you on Tapestry – through a Memo, on the front page of this website, on social media and by telephone. It is always our intention to keep the school open; we have only closed for a handful of days since the school opened. On the first day of a snow day we encourage children and families to make the most of the exciting opportunities and to allow staff time to prepare for teaching online the following day. 

Covid19 Statement

At Springmead School we always have the safety and welfare of our whole school community at the heart of what we do. 


Our Admissions team is open and will be delighted to show you around the school and nursery.  Please email or ring Kim, our administrator,  on 01373 831555 to find out more.

Risk Assessment and Guidance

We continue to follow Government guidance.  Springmead School has robust practices in place to help minimise the risk of transmission.    

Remote Learning

If necessary we move to remote learning.   Please click here to view our Remote Learning Policy.

Thank you very much for your help and understanding.

School Uniform List

It is our school policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours.

Springmead School uniform is available from: Scholars , 55/56 Fore Street, Trowbridge BA14 8ET
(01225) 767020

Contact: Nicki at Scholars.

Food and Nutrition

At Springmead we provide well-balanced and nutritious meals, prepared on site using fresh produce, locally sourced where ever possible. In addition to lunchtime meals a healthy mid morning snack is provided with a drink of milk or water (water is available to children throughout the day).

Afternoon tea is given to those children attending after school clubs.

We act in ‘loco parentis’ with all food on site which is thoroughly checked, prepared, cooked and served from our own kitchens by our own staff.  Strict allergy protocols are kept.  Children are supervised while eating.  There is no ‘takeaway element’ to our food.  We work closely with parents and staff are given an updated list of children’s dietary needs.  Children are not expected to be responsible for their allergy.   The kitchen staff and teaching staff have responsibility.  Children with known allergies have separate labelled food.    Due to continual changes in food items, due to supply issues,  anything new is checked against the known 14 allergens that could cause harm with our community by the kitchen staff.  

View our menu

                                                                    View our Vegan and Vegetarian menu

Health Advice

To reduce the infection risk and to protect our children, if your child suffers from diarrhoea and/or vomiting please keep them away from school for a 48 hour period after the final episode of diarrhoea/vomiting. If your child has a fever or ‘flu-like’ symptoms they must remain off school until they have had a normal temperature for 24 hours. 

Online Safety

The use of these new technologies can put young people at risk within and outside the school. We have an online safety curriculum that teaches our children how to be safe and we run an online safety parent focus for parents annually. 

Some useful resources:


Springmead School Refund Scheme

A School Fees Refund Scheme is available to all pupils.  The Scheme offers cover for absences under the following circumstances:

  •  Absence from school from accident, illness or contact with infectious disease, or
  • The necessary closure of the whole school owing to an outbreak of infectious disease.

Claims for a refund of fees, for a period of absence, are covered by this scheme. 


Pupils accident & Insurance Scheme

A Pupils’ Personal Accident Insurance Scheme is provided for all pupils and covers the risk of an accident happening that causes bodily injury resulting in death, permanent disability or dismemberment, to a maximum of £600,000.  

All pupils will be covered by this scheme at no additional cost, unless parents explicitly inform the school in writing,  that they do not wish their child/children to be included in the scheme.


Supporting your child at home

If the school has had to close for unavoidable reasons or if you cannot get your child into school, please continue with homework, mental math activities and reading.  Work will be provided, if necessary, through Tapestry.

For Espresso and MyMaths please use the latest login sent to you by Parentmail



When attending the school with your car, please always park on the Frome Road. There are designated parts of the lay-bys that you may use; you can park on the other side of the road, or park on the school side of the road beyond the School Keep Clear sign. It is a requirement of the Terms and Conditions of Admission that parents / guardians do not use Church Hill, Church Road and Castle Corner for vehicular access when dropping off or collecting their children.

Why Carpe Diem? What if it’s a rare snowy day?
What shall we do? Timetable as usual? No way!

Sally Cox, Headteacher