Focus on Mid Somerset Festival

We have had the most wonderful week at the Mid Somerset Festival, where our pupils did us proud in all aspects of their performances. We saw polished and eloquent poetry, children looking smart and presenting themselves in an impressive manner, politeness, and pride, along with detailed creative writing, poetry recital, piano and drama.

Our children scored very highly, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and received excellent feedback to take forwards onto their next projects, which served as a reminder for why we do these things.  It may seem like hard work to learn it; there may be nerves; there may even be tears from the high-adrenaline atmosphere. But every participant took something away from the event. And so many children have expressed their excitement at attending next year. Well done to all those who took part – we are very proud of you all and hope you feel just as proud of yourselves.

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