Focus on Year 1

Another very busy, successful and fantastic week in Rabbits!

We moved on from fractions in maths – which they grasped fantastically. They are now learning about position and direction, which will cross over with geography and go explore with following directions.

In science we talked about what materials would keep us dry in a rainforest. We are preparing for an experiment thinking about what we could make an umbrella out of, and we have already made predictions and talked scientifically.

In literacy the children had a picture of the rainforest, full of lots of things they could describe, and they have been working at adding lots of detail and description into their sentences.

They have been sketching some fantastic jungle birds, taking their time, and redoing them to perfect them, and also invented their own creatures by combining two animals. We had a snish (snake/fish), a cheetbun (cheetah/bunny) and a snwhale (snail/whale). They have such amazing imaginations.

And what can I say about their class performance. Firstly thank you so much for coming to watch them. They were so fantastic. They had less than two weeks to practise but took everything we said onboard. It can be very hard to make rhyming work when read out loud, but they did it. I think there are eleven budding actors here. I look forward to seeing them progress as they move through the school.




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