Focus on Online Safety

During our staff training on Monday’s Inset with SWGFL, we identified that as technology continues to advance, we must continually adapt to the changing landscape of online safety. With the rise of the increased use of digital platforms and households, parents and schools need to ensure that pupils have the skills to be safe on the internet.

We built understanding of the risks and threats that children face and how now younger children, more than ever before, experience online harm in different forms.   The Online Safety Bill going through Westminster at the moment is hopeful at helping to safeguard our children, but the recent developments in AI will not come under this jursdiction.  Technologies are developing faster than guidelines and legislation can keep up.
The messaging that I took from this comprehensive training was that although there are worrying trends,  talking to children about online safety, monitoring their online activities to support them in keeping safe and most importantly keeping your own online skills and understanding up to date, so there doesn’t become a divide between parents and children’s knowledge, is paramount in giving children the help they need.
Overall, online safety for everyone is a complex and ongoing challenge. It requires us all to stay up-to-date on the latest technological developments and to provide education and support for our children. By prioritising online safety, we can create a safer learning environment for all pupils, whether they are in the classroom or learning and playing at home.
Later this term we have invited SWGfL to come into school to run workshops for all children.  This has been paid for with funds raised by the SSA.

Homework set for staff and parents:  Try out AI.   Just Google, AI to get started.