Focus on Year 1

So much has been packed into this week! The children are now partitioning numbers really well, and not just that they are starting to understand why we do it and are naturally thinking of numbers as 10’s and 1’s.

In literacy we have been watching a short silent film called La Luna and we are discussing the story and what the characters might be saying and feeling. They are learning past and present verbs which they have been thinking about whilst watching and retelling the story.

In science this week we performed a gravity experiment and made predictions as well as writing our findings like proper scientists. We also did another experiment with balloons and the centre of gravity, and have been experimenting with reflections like the sun on the moon and planets.

Go Explore was amazing on Friday, and the cold weather didn’t deter, rather made it much more exciting. We found things that were covered in ice, and had our very own expedition. The best bit (and I think they will agree) was finding a strip of ice and sliding on their bottoms – such fun.

The Rabbits also made their rockets this week, and had some fantastic ideas about making them more aerodynamic, streamline, fast and powerful. Just a few moderations and predictions and they’ll be ready for lift off!