Focus on Year 3

It was such an amazing experience for the Badgers at their first Science Fair.  Appearing on the day is the end of a long process. It is no mean feat to sort out what you would like to investigate, find out what is practicable, to create the experiment and then to demonstrate the conclusion of all these inquiries to a wide selection of different audiences. There was frantic counting throughout the day of how many viewers each station received.  Any nerves were soon calmed after the same questions were asked again and again. It then became more of a challenge to remain at your presentation and not to go wandering off to look at some other fascinating find.  It was such a proud moment to see all the hard work come together, difficulties overcome and actually realising it was fun and a great thing to share knowledge.

Naturally, this is not the only thing in which the class have been engrossed. With National Story Week around, and the Story Telling topic, the focus has been on what exactly is a traditional tale, where do they come from and can new ones be made? As with any recipe, the outcome can be unpredictable. We found a Dial-a- Story starter, incident and conclusion and set to work inventing exciting and original tales. In groups, turns were taken to tell the next thrilling instalment, using the prompts and vivid imaginations to continue the tradition of oral tale telling, remembering to use a sprinkling of descriptive words and page-turning incidents.

Who knew there were so many ‘m’s in measuring. Starting with millimetres, moving onto centimetres, and finishing with meters, it has taken a great deal of concentration to check which measurement is being used. Then there is the complication of working in a mixture of cm and m or mm and cm. Maths, another ‘m’, involves step by step thinking, accuracy and attention to detail, which the Badgers have been working hard on.

Fantastic work, Badgers, and well done for such a successful Science Fair.