Focus on Springmead’s Daily Mile

The Daily Mile is an initiative that gets children moving.   The Nursery and Reception children were very excited to be part of it this week as our new EYFS initiative to support children’s health.  It’s an easy concept – children (and staff!) run around the playground for 15 minutes each day, at any time of day, which is approximately a mile.   It’s a positive, inclusive, non-competitive approach to fitness and wellbeing that builds children’s stamina, health and co-ordination.  It even built friendships as children chatted and encouraged each other to keep going.


On Monday, our first day, there was huge excitement from both classes and with a huge sense of togetherness we set off.  It was interesting to observe the different approaches that the children made to the event.  From pumped up sprinting to slow jogs, to a couple of refusals to take part, to teachers holding children’s hands to encourage and support.   It was a microcosm of our society, a state of the nation’s fitness illustrated by our two youngest classes.  But, by the end of the 15 minutes all were taking part either running or mostly as a blend of running and walking.   There was a huge cheer and congratulatory photo as we finished.


The plan is, is that by the time we reach week 4 of the Daily Mile, all children’s fitness will have improved so much that they run the entire 15 minutes.     We shall let you know!  In the meantime, well done to the brave school pioneers that ran their first mile this week!

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Shirley Offer, Nursery and Charlotte Munckton, Reception