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Weekly News

  • Go Explore! Reception
    Posted in: Gallery, Pre-Preparatory

    Testing out the different surfaces in the grounds this morning, the Hedgehogs used hammers on the ice and compared the areas of the garden, finding the ground outside was very solid but not in the willow den. Lots of scientific exploration, reasoning skills and drawing of conclusions!

  • Nursery make dens for Winter Bear
    Posted in: Gallery, Nursery

    There were bears in the Nursery today! We read the story Bears Winter House and made dens for little bears outside in the grounds. After this, we warmed up inside by making a den for much bigger bears to hibernate in! All beary good fun!

  • Go Explore! Year 3 & 4
    Posted in: Gallery, Preparatory

    Maths went outside this week for the Squirrels class. They made doubling machines out of natural materials in teams, testing numeracy skills and team work skills.

  • Making Gingerbread in Reception
    Posted in: Gallery, Pre-Preparatory

    The Gingerbread Class, sorry, the Hedgehogs, have been ever-so-busy in their Gingerbread cafe, writing about his adventures and making the man himself! Keep an eye on him Hedgehogs, he’s very fast!