Year 5 Entry

There are many benefits of joining the Preparatory year groups at Springmead, where entry into Year 5 is wholeheartedly encouraged for a successful transition to senior school. 

Firstly, it allows for enriched educational experiences that can be tailored to the developmental needs of this pivotal age group.  With an extra two years, teachers can delve deeper into subjects, fostering a deeper understanding and igniting curiosity for areas beyond the National Curriculum.

This additional time provides ample opportunities for leadership development.  Year 5 pupils can take on more responsibilities within the school community, such as mentoring younger pupils or leading and taking part in focused extracurricular activities, cultivating confidence and interpersonal skills, essential for future success.  Bushcraft, exciting residential activities and trips abroad allow for independence, character building, friendship cultivation and the instilment of a can-do attitude to life, wherever they find themselves in the future.

Academically, the extended time-frame better equips pupils for the transition to senior school.  They have more time to master foundational skills and develop study habits, ensuring they enter their next educational chapter with confidence and competence.  With careful monitoring by experienced teaching staff, children are prepared for an assessment environment that ultimately supports them with entry into the most selective, independent senior schools.

In essence, new children joining in Year 5 enriches pupils' educational journey, cultivates leadership qualities, and better prepares them academically and socially for the challenges ahead in senior school and beyond.


Join us for a Year 5 Experience Day! 

Throughout the year, we offer opportunities for children in current Year 4 to experience what life is like at Springmead in Year 5.  Our next event will be held on Wednesday 26th June.  If you would like for your child to join us, please click here to complete our registration form.