Sport and physical education are fundamental to the early development of children.  The holistic development of children is enhanced through the skills learnt during play, physical education and sport.  At Springmead, physical education and sport are given high priority from Nursery to Year 6.  The children have regular P.E. lessons, both indoors and outdoors, delivered by specialist teachers with a passion for sport.

We believe so strongly in the development of physical skills that we devote far more curriculum time to the subject than other schools; over three hours of curriculum time each week, further supported by many extra-curricular clubs and activities.

During P.E. lessons, children work through a seasonal array of sports that includes gym, athletics, dance and swimming.  Rugby, football, netball, hockey, cricket, cross-country, rounders and softball feature at various stages of the academic year, both during lessons and through clubs.

In Nursery and Reception, time is devoted to the acquisition of basic skills, the development of fine and gross motor skills and getting children to enjoy physical activities.  Once the basic skills are in place, tactics, strategies and rules can be introduced to allow meaningful team games.

At all stages, children are encouraged to participate and do their best and enjoy sport, whatever their innate ability.  Inter-schools, intra-school matches, galas and Sports Day are chances for every child to participate competitively.