Pupil Wellbeing

Pupils demonstrate marked self-awareness for their age.

Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), February 2023 


Pupil wellbeing is of the utmost importance at Springmead.  Our pupils are self-confident learners who collaborate and work together in all areas of school life and readily offer support for one another.   

The Thrive Approach 

At Springmead, we use the Thrive Approach, a holistic and child-centred method designed to support the emotional and social development of children.  We ensure that all children have the opportunity to develop the essential skills that they need to thrive, both academically and emotionally.  The approach recognises that a child's emotional wellbeing is fundamental to their ability to learn and engage in school life, so by creating a positive and nurturing environment we aim to enhance children's resilience, self-esteem and emotional regulation.