Our Philosophy and Aims

Children learn best when they feel safe and supported and their individual talents are nurtured, valued and developed.

Our philosophy is that at Springmead, children should not only become numerate and literate, but also develop a hunger for knowledge and a thirst for learning whether this is in academic areas, sports or arts.

We support our children to become self-learners, to think wisely, be confident, balanced and compassionate, while developing their own particular talents and abilities to the full.  Such principles are best achieved in an environment that is stable, secure and safe, but at the same time one that is exciting, rich, stimulating, rewarding and fun such as Springmead School and Nursery.


Our Aims

At Springmead our philosophy is achieved by having the following clearly defined aims:

  • To see each child as an individual with unique needs and possibilities
  • To teach children in small classes
  • To use the best traditional and modern teaching practices in the classroom and beyond
  • To ensure pupils work towards and beyond national age-related expectations in literacy and maths, but at the same time maintain a very strong commitment to a fulfilling curricular experience across all subjects
  • To provide a rich variety of academic, artistic, sporting and social enrichment experiences through an extensive extra-curricular programme, allowing children to find and nurture their talents
  • To teach children how to become effective, resilient, reflective and resourceful self-learners
  • To teach sound human values, implicitly and explicitly
  • To provide dedicated, professional and caring staff
  • To forge strong partnerships between home and school
  • To provide an inspirational, happy and supportive environment