Investing in the Future

In 2023, Springmead School was acquired by Forfar Education Group, a forward-thinking organisation that owns and manages schools across the UK and Europe.  This means that Springmead benefits from guidance, governance and support from the experienced Forfar team.  

With access to a broad range of resources, skills and expertise across all schools, we collaborate and share best practice.  Not only is this a brilliant opportunity for staff development and training, but it also provides excellent inter-school activities, from debating competitions, music, sport and outdoor learning.  

Recently, Springmead has benefited from significant investment in its art facilities and has a brand-new classroom for art and Design Technology, as well as new computer equipment too.


More about Forfar Education

Forfar develops inspiring schools which teach self-belief and deliver academic excellence.  Forfar’s schools equip children with the confidence and resourcefulness that prepares them to grow, thrive and find success in an ever-changing world.  This approach ensures that the needs of each child are at the heart of our schools to create friendly, welcoming communities that empower children with the tools to be successful.

  • We create environments where staff, parents and the wider community are proud of their school and feel part of it
  • We provide solutions for busy parents, and we expect them to abide by the same values that we teach their children
  • We believe in recruiting inspiring, brilliant, well-resourced teachers every step of the way, critical in unlocking the potential in every child
  • We are a ‘down to earth’ transparent organisation that treats everyone the same
  • We will not compromise on keeping your child safe or on our teaching quality
  • Through our focus on providing an outstanding education tailored to each child, we support every child to achieve more than they may have thought possible
  • We are generous and patient with families and staff that face unforeseen difficulties
  • We encourage independent learning, a community spirit, and we empower pupils to embrace responsibility and learn to celebrate diversity in a spirit of understanding and tolerance that helps them become better global citizens.


If you would like further information about Forfar Education please contact the Chairman, John Forsyth, directly at [email protected] or telephone 07443 103805.