Focus on Nursery

The Nursery class are so busy exploring all the different aspects of nursery life. Building routines and understanding of their environment enables them to make connections in their learning. The video of their first few days enabled
parents to share in these moments too, and by watching them with the children gave shape to the stories that they talked of at home. This week we have had a focus on autumn as we are beginning to see seasonal changes. We’ve had minibeast hunts and gatherings of autumn leaves to mix , colours and hues. We will return to this theme over the next few weeks. These sessions support children to begin to be aware of the circle of life – birth, growth and decay. We give them important language and time to follow their developing interests, their own research, and mindful observations. As adults, working alongside the children, we listen to them, scaffold their understanding and vocabulary, posing questions to encourage deeper thinking skills and development of knowledge.

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