Focus on Year 5

This week in English, we thought carefully about different perspectives within the royal court in Tudor times. We thought that there would have been some people in court who very much admired Henry VIII and wanted to be in his favour, whereas others may have had reasons to resent him. We also discussed how it is tricky to tell which of the characters in our class story like Henry VIII and which dislike him, because they would have been reluctant to openly criticise him in court in case they were caught and punished. We then had a go at a role- playing activity where we took it in turns to play King Henry, whilst other members of the class took it in turns to come and present themselves to the King. The challenge was to ensure they used flattery to the King’s face and then insulted him with a quiet whisper as they walked away! We ended the lesson with a reflection about the quote “all that glitters is not gold”, which we thought was very representative of some of the fickleness within the Tudor court.

In History this week, we researched Tudor houses and discovered lots of interesting facts, comparing it to how we live today. The children then worked in pairs to turn this information into a fact- file about life in Tudor times, which we will continue to add to over the next two weeks. We will be looking at Tudor food, clothing and what daily life would have looked like at this time. Our trip to Glastonbury Abbey on Friday to take part in a number of Tudor- themed workshops should help us with this task!

Well done for working hard this week Owls, you should be proud of all of your achievements.