Focus on Performing Arts

Rock School –what an incredible time we are having in this fabulous extension club. After the success of our first live performance at the Performance Platform Concert before half term, we have now gotten stuck into recording the same song so the children can witness first-hand the work and skills needed to create recorded tracks.

Luke and I spent an evening recording the accompaniment track for the children to use as a guide, and on Tuesday, the whole club excitedly arrived at the studio to listen to the track so far and to begin adding the percussion elements. We were all blown away by Luke’s speedy editing skills and the children were keen to ask lots of questions to expand their knowledge in this area.

Over the coming weeks, we will be adding more and more layers to the track, culminating in the recording of the vocals at the end, before the final edit of both the track and the accompanying music video. We are very excited to be releasing our first single! Watch this space!