Focus on 20 Years of Springmead School

With the wisteria in full bloom and the sun shinning brightly, Springmead School welcomed excited children, clad in party wear and carrying their food for their shared buffet, bubbling with the anticipation of the day and term ahead: the new term could not have got off to a better start. The Founders Day Service, in a warm, sunbathed St Georges’ church, was incredibly moving. We were treated to beautiful singing by the children and thought provoking contributions from our Chaplain James Shone, Jacqueline Beardsley, Shirley Offer, Rev. Ronnie Crossman and Madeleine Taylor. The service was a poignant moment to reflect on and say thank you for all we have at Springmead School, we all came away a little wiser and a little taller…and carefully carrying our cupcakes!


Enjoy the short video capturing moments of the day.