Focus on Bushcraft

The Eagles have enjoyed the first week back and
were excited to finally get into the woods for
their first all-day bushcraft session, after Covid
and stormy weather forced our previous sessions
to be postponed. Excitement levels were high and
not even the prospect of a wet day in the woods
could dampen spirits. Fully kitted out and with
spare clothes the class set out to join Mr and Mrs
Hotson at Gare Hill. The main focus of the
session, quite appropriately, was shelter building.
The Eagles learnt about the importance of
building a suitable shelter and how to take
advantage of the surroundings to create the best
possible shelter that would enable us to thrive in
the environment. Constructing a well built and
raised sleeping area was also high on the list as
the group worked together with Mr Hotson as
both foreman and architect to construct a small
2-bed detached property with countryside views.
This opportunity to work together, with
guidance, and to see how much time and effort is
required to create a suitable structure is all part
of the preparation for the final bushcraft
assessment session where little to no guidance is
provided and the children will be working in
smaller groups – a much trickier task. With
construction complete the children were treated
to a delicious camp lunch before a little camp
craft and fire preparation work.


Nick Munckton, Year 6