Focus on the Importance of Art and Design in the Curriculum

Whilst our curriculum devotes more time to Literacy and Maths (up to half of the teaching week)
the other subjects are enormously important and all have a vital part to play in a child’s rounded
education. Art and Design is a perfect example.

At Springmead, Art and Design is delivered through specialist lessons often using the class
theme as the context. With four art clubs a week, class lessons, competitions (news of this year’s
competition will come out next week) and an annual art exhibition there are many opportunities
to appreciate and enjoy the visual arts in school. Our children also have opportunities to
appreciate art through studying artists and by visiting galleries.
The subject is delivered by class teachers and an art specialist ~ we are very lucky to have Ilka Brown as resident artist!

Our children achieve great results in their artistic endeavours and at the same time have many opportunities to develop transferable learning skills that we often talk about including: – resilience; reflectiveness; resourcefulness; concentration; appreciation; self-confidence; creativity; and critical thinking. As we look forward to mental health week next week it is worth noting that for many people art is an incredible aid to relaxation and well-being. For many children, art is an outlet for releasing the stress and pressures of everyday life. It is a calming activity that they are in control of.

Jane Dickson