Focus on Year 3

Last Friday, the Badgers enjoyed a fun but foggy and chilly morning on Go Explore. On the way down to the wildlife area we spotted signs of the seasons changing; dewy spiders webs, fallen brown and orange leaves, dead trees, holly growing and not many flowers! Once in the wildlife area, they had to use their knowledge from Ancient Britain homes and create their own from the natural resources around them. There were huge smiley faces when they entered the classroom on Tuesday to Christmas decorations and an advent calendar… Christmas is definitely in the air! Literacy this week has been all about Viking life, including longboats… they completed a comprehension, researched facts about Viking life, and have started writing letters, imagining they are Viking warriors travelling to Britain on a longboat. In Maths froggy hops, multiplication and division facts, as well as a new concept: remainders, have been explored. In Art we have been finishing off our lovely watercolour Christmas cards and season inspired abstract calendars. I can’t believe we only have a week to go. I have been blown away with all the Badgers hard work a determination! Great work Badgers! 

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