Focus on Reading

World Book Day

As we have much more time for reading we thought it would be useful to recap on some top tips:-

Our top tips for reading at home…

  • Choose a quiet time – 10-15 minutes should be plenty long enough.
  • Maintain the flow – avoid interrupting mispronunciations immediately and allow opportunity for self-correction.
  • Be positive – try “Let’s read it together” rather than “No, that’s wrong”; boost confidence with lots of praise.
  • If your child is making more than one mistake in every ten words the book is probably too hard, don’t fall into the trap of moving on too fast, learning to read isn’t a race!
  • Success is the key – ‘Nothing succeeds like success’ – stick to easier books with readily understood text which allow a fluent read.
  • If you are enjoying the experience then your child will too, find books that you both enjoy and read them together.
  • Practise regularly – try to encourage reading on most days – little and often is best.
  • Communicate – using positive comments in home/school books demonstrates to your child that you are interested in their progress and value reading.
  • Talk about books – it is just as important to be able to understand what has been read; chat about pictures, characters, how the story might end, their favourite part. Encourage independent readers by talking more generally about types of books and styles of writing whilst still developing comprehension skills.
  • Variety is important – help children to experience a variety of reading materials – picture books, hard backs, comics, magazines, poems and information books.

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