Focus on Design Technology

Lessons on Design and Technology develop children’s skills and knowledge in many areas, not just; design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials, including food. It encourages children’s creativity and encourages them to think about important issues. Also, Design and Technology helps us to teach Maths with measuring, estimating and shape and English with planning, reviewing, speaking and listening, as well as other subjects in the curriculum such as, science and computing in a fun, and real life way, which puts these subjects into context making them easier to understand and more relevant to younger pupils. The subject gives children the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making working products, as well as understanding how the things that are around us have come into being.
As a school we believe it is essential to nurture creativity and innovation through design, and by exploring the designed and made world in which we all live and work.

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