Academic focus on writing

“From the earliest stages, it is important that children understand that writing is a means of expression and a communication tool…The teaching of writing is effective when children see the use in it; when there is real, authentic purpose; when there is an audience…”

The importance of creating a purpose for children to write is so important in the early stages of writing. In their early experience children are learning many things and none as difficult as getting to grips with the English language! Imagine learning the alphabet, learning that the letters have a name and they also make a ‘sound’ and then learning that when some letters are put together they also make a ‘sound’ AND then realising that there are in fact 44 different phonemes (sounds) plus the letter names and then half the English words don’t follow these rules anyway! It’s no wonder the majority of us cannot remember how we learnt to read and write. Although the physicality’s of writing are important and a necessity, the quicker children learn the purpose of writing, the quicker they will see the need to learn the language in all its glory.

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