Focus on how BLP is implemented throughout the School

Building learning power (BLP) is our ability to continually develop our capacity to learn through new and challenging environments throughout lives. In the ever growing field of ‘learning to learn’ research suggests that there are 4 dispositions that we need to understand and develop to become successful lifelong learners. They are; ResilienceReflectivenessResourcefulness Reciprocity/social relationships. One of the ways in which we implement these dispositions throughout the school is that we ensure every half term we hone in on one of these areas. Our BLP area of learning for this half term is Reciprocity; which is spilt into 4 different areas, interdependence, collaboration, empathy and listening and imitation. Over the course of the half term children, in age appropriate ways, will be working on these. Thinking about when to work with others, to learn on their own, how to listen to others- to really understand what another person is saying and to observe how others work. Teachers ensure this happens by including BLP within their planning of lessons and units of work as well as within each lesson, familiarising children with the terminology and highlighting examples of BLP in action.

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