Focus on engaging children in the General Election

The Eagles spent Thursday with their minds, like most of the nation, on the General Election. The children braved the weather to walk up to the polling station at the village hall where we discussed the process and saw voters coming and going at a rapid pace. Back in the classroom we explored the manifesto’s of the political parties, thinking about our priorities and whether the ‘promises’ were realistic. We also found out a little about the history of the parties and their leaders. Once we felt that we had taken in enough information we held our own ballot which provided the following results: Liberal Democrats: 4 votes Labour: 9 votes Conservatives: 0 votes Obviously our class vote didn’t match that of the entire country! Interestingly, another school held a similar election with Labour once again winning comfortably ahead of the Liberal Democrats and with the Conservatives lagging behind. Perhaps the future is brighter for the Labour party or perhaps their manifesto was just more child friendly! The opportunity to engage with an event that involved the whole country was enjoyable and beneficial for all involved. The classroom discussion was mature, sensible and considerate – perhaps some of our politicians could learn a thingor two from our Springmead Ambassadors!  

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