Focus on the benefits of performing arts opportunities

On Friday evening, as lots of children and parents know, the school took over the Athenaeum Theatre in Warminster for the annual Showcase event which featured all aspects of performing arts, from poetry to gymnastic displays to musical theatre performances. All main school children have the opportunity to take part, working on acts at home, ready to audition at school where they receive support and advice. School clubs, whole classes and teachers performed too, sharing their talents with the audience of parents, staff and families. How amazing and moving it was to be privileged to see the wonderful celebration of talent and teamwork. Our community is supportive and inclusive, and children and adults congratulate each other on progress, success and accomplishments. This illustrates our firm belief that when you give children opportunities to explore creatively through the spoken word, drama, dance and music their self-belief grows with the results being truly transformative. 

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