Focus on Keen to be Green


You regularly hear about people “going green,” and although it can get a bit repetitive to hear about it everywhere, it has to be a good thing. Hopefully, our efforts to be more environmentally conscious and friendly aren’t too late. Populations are numbering well into the billions and fossil fuels are being burned at an alarming rate, the earth is suffering the consequences.

It’s important we educate our children about these concerns, as they will be the ones inheriting the damage we have caused. Teaching environmentally sound habits is important, but showing them will more likely assure they will embrace those same good habits. Showing them the good and the bad will make them more conscious about the environment we live in.

At Springmead we are constantly exploring ways that we can become more environmentally friendly and make changes to benefit both the children and our planet. Mr Hime and Mrs Boyden are heading up our “Green Team” and have plenty of plans bubbling away and will be sharing information shortly. They have already enlisted the Eagles to take more of an active role in the classroom recycling scheme that has been in place for a number of years.

Ways to encourage children to be greener:
  • Walk when you don’t have to drive.
  • Bike to close destinations.
  • Teach your children about petrol, where it comes from, how much it costs and how it pollutes our environment.
  • Buy environmentally-friendly products.
  • Buy from local shops that don’t ship in food from huge distances away.

Children generally learn better from our actions, not just words, but words are important, too. We must talk with our children about the environment and the dangers it faces from humankind and industrialisation.

It is important to examine our own habits and make adjustments where necessary. The children will learn from us and emulate our actions. What we do and what they do will determine what kind of world we will give to future generations.