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Insurances and Schemes


Springmead School Fees Refund Scheme

A School Fees Refund Scheme is available to all pupils.  The Scheme offers cover for absences under the following circumstances:

  •  Absence from school from accident, illness or contact with infectious disease, or
  • The necessary closure of the whole school owing to an outbreak of infectious disease.

Claims for a refund of fees, for a period of absence, are covered by this scheme.  This scheme is run on an opt-in basis, with an additional fee added to termly invoices.  Full details and costs are available upon request from the Admin Office.

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Pupils’ £600,000 Personal Accident Insurance Scheme

A Pupils’ Personal Accident Insurance Scheme is provided for all pupils and covers the risk of an accident happening that causes bodily injury resulting in death, permanent disability or dismemberment, to a maximum of £600,000.  The Scheme provides a lump sum that is calculated depending on the severity of the injury.  Full details are available from the Administration Office.

From September 2016 all pupils will be covered by this scheme at no additional cost, unless parents explicitly inform the school in writing (please email info@springmead.com), that they do not wish their child/children to be included in the scheme.

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Personal Accident Insurance Scheme- Questions and Answers, please click here to read