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Insurances and Schemes

A summary of the two optional items that the school can provide are briefly described below. An additional fee applies for each scheme; if you wish to join either scheme, please ask the school administrator for the appropriate paperwork.

Fees Refund Scheme

A School Fees Refund Scheme is available to all pupils. The Scheme offers cover for absences under the following circumstances:

  • Absence from school from accident, illness or contact with infectious disease,
  • The necessary closure of the whole school owing to an outbreak of infectious disease.

Claims for a refund of fees, for a period of absence, are covered by this scheme. Click here to read.

Pupils’ Personal Accident Insurance Scheme

A Pupils’ Personal Accident Insurance Scheme is available to all pupils and covers the risk of an accident happening that causes bodily injury or fatality to a maximum of £600,000. Click here to read