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Go Explore, out and about

Posted on June 30th, 2014

Year 1 Trip to Bristol Zoo

It was a scorching hot day at the zoo, packed with fun and learning.  There was so much to see in the morning – drills, Asiatic lions, monkeys, penguins, fur seals, the butterfly house, and more – as we made our way round the zoo gardens.  After a lovely picnic lunch on the grass, time in the play area and, of course, an ice cream, the Rabbits made their way to the Education Centre for a fascinating rain forest session in which they were able to handle giant hissing cockroaches, a boa, and some HUGE stick insects.  What a great day!


Year 3 trip to Merlin Theatre

The Badgers had a wonderful evening at the theatre watching Warminster School’s lower school production of The Mouse and his Child.  They were particularly enthralled by former pupil Thomas Taylor’s characterization of a frog!

Otters class performance

Posted on June 30th, 2014

Otters’ Class Presentation

Well done to all our Year 2 children for their superb performance this week.We were all impressed by the clear and confident speaking from every member of the class and we loved their super cool pose for the camera!  With a lovely pacey performance and excellent teamwork throughout, the Otters gave us a cleverly observed comparison between beach behaviour now and a hundred years ago.  There was some great acting on show – especially when the two families, separated by time, met on the beach.  A classy presentation was rounded off with some lovely singing of a catchy and fun song about a ruined barbecue – hopefully not an omen for the summer holidays….  Thank you to all the children, to Mrs Dickson and Miss Watson, and to all the parents for your support.

Go Explore, out and about

Posted on June 23rd, 2014

Foundation Stage in the wildlife area

This morning the Ducklings and Hedgehogs were off to the wildlife area to do a very kind thing for the tadpoles that have been growing in a tank in the Hedgehogs classroom since April.  The tadpoles were released into the stream and happily swam away, while the children took the opportunity to do some paddling in their wellies!

Award walks

Posted on June 23rd, 2014

Award Walks

The weather was perfect on Wednesday, as Year 6 set off from Nunney for their 15km gold award walk.  In Whatley they were joined by Year 5, working towards their silver award, for the remaining 12km which both classes walked together.  After lunch at the park in Whatley, the children continued to follow the Macmillan Way, a lovely walk, through to Buckland Dinham where they enjoyed another break in the park there.  On to the woods and the last leg through the Orchardleigh estate, the Eagles and Owls arrived back at school at exactly 6.30!  All in all, it was a beautiful day for staff and children alike: tiring and enjoyable at the same time.

Rabbits class peformance

Posted on June 23rd, 2014

Rabbits’ Class Presentation

Well done to all the Rabbits for an extra-terrestrial class presentation this week. The Newsletter’s roving reporter caught up with Imogen Paige and Jenny Lee from Year 6 to ask what they thought. Jenny really enjoyed it: ‘I felt it took us back in time to when the first men landed on the moon. I loved the songs, especially the rap at the end which had great choreography.  I liked the staging too’.  Imogen was also enthusiastic: ‘I loved Libby’s solo in the first song and the whole class sang beautifully.  I loved that they gave us all the facts about the lunar landing, but made it into a story. Mission Control was great! The astronauts’ helmets finished it off because we really felt they were in space, and it was fun too.’  Thank you to Mrs Boyden, and to Mrs Swan-Capper, Mrs Snelgrove, and Mrs Linegar, who all helped with props, and to the parents for their support with learning lines.

Hedgehogs class performance

Posted on June 17th, 2014

Hedgehog’s Class Presentation

What a wonderful start to this half terms’ series of pre-prep class performances the Hedgehogs gave us this week.  The enchanting staging and costumes were the perfect backdrop to confident speaking, super memorizing of lines, and plenty of signs of developing acting skills on show.  We all loved the astonishingly hungry caterpillars who tirelessly continued their chomping, and the singing was lovely throughout.  It was great to see the Ipad movie, showing independent investigative skills, and adding a new dimension to presenting our children’s work.  Well done to all the Hedgehogs, Miss Lindley and Miss Brown, and thank you to all the parents for your help and support.

Go Explore, out and about

Posted on June 17th, 2014

Moooove Along Please – Otters trip to Weymouth

The Otters had a fantastic trip to Weymouth on a superbly sunny day.  By the time they hit the beach they had: encountered entities of an historical and geographical nature – Brunel’s station in Frome and some roving wildlife in the form of two cows on the line which delayed things for 20 minutes – devoured a luscious lunch of fish and chips and spotted the wide variety of Victorian features in Weymouth including the distinctive red clock tower!  Settling on the sand, buckets were unloaded, shoes surrendered and trousers rolled.  Prior to the essential ice-cream, time was spent paddling, building and bonding.  A perfect day!


Year 4 Go Explore

On Wednesday the Squirrels enjoyed a Go Explore session at the wildlife area, where they wrote some descriptions of the area. They sat and wrote about their surroundings, thinking about what they could see, hear and smell. They tried to include interesting adjectives, adverbs and similes, which tied in with literacy work from the past couple of weeks. Some very imaginative and exciting sentences were written. Year 4 then enjoyed some time to explore, including playing in the stream. What fun!


Year 3 Go Explore

The Badgers worked in groups to design a piece of art using the natural resources they found in the wildlife area. We saw some amazing team work, demonstrating just how much they have matured this year, and they created some beautiful 3 dimensional structures to illustrate our class novel, Kensuke’s Kingdom.


Year 5 investigate the River Frome

The Owls trekked down to the River Frome on Monday morning for their Go Explore session.  On arrival, after crossing the wibbly-wobbly bridge, they were challenged to measure the speed of the river’s flow.  After lots of discussion and debate it was decided that the much loved game of pooh sticks would be used as a measuring method.  Luckily Mr Munckton had brought a tape measure and some stop watches with him – exactly what was required!  The children measured the flow in the centre of the river and near both banks.  They then made their way back to class to examine and discuss their results.

Sports news

Posted on June 9th, 2014

Fixture News and Match Reports

Year 3 and 4 Rounders v Beckington

Beckington School were visitors for this match bringing only 5 players with them. Positions were shared equally and Springmead were leading 6 rounders to 0 at the end of the first innings. Some great batting and fielding skills were shown amongst the year 3’s and 4’s, and by the end of the second innings Springmead were the winners with 12 rounders to 2. For the last part of the session a ‘fun’ game was played mixing the pupils from Beckington and Springmead, this was enjoyed thoroughly and luckily the rain held off.


Athletics v North Bradley

On Thursday 22nd May children from Springmead and North Bradley came together for a series of athletic events.


Boys Results


1st        Eddie Donson              Springmead                  2m 12s


Standing Long Jump

1st        Michael Williams         North Bradley              2.28m

1st        Louis Mansfield           Springmead                  1.97m

3rd        Theo Fitz Johnson       Springmead                  1.96m


Ball Throw

1st        Jacob Miller                 Springmead                  32.27m

2nd        Louis Mansfield           Springmead                  29.57m

3rd        Theo Fitz Johnson       Springmead                  28.02m



1st        Ethan Collingwood      Springmead                  14.81m

2nd        Louis Mansfield           Springmead                  12.49m

3rd        Lewis Coles                 North Bradley              12.07m



Girls Results


1st        Bella Pullin                  Springmead                  2m 32s


Standing Long Jump

1st        Bella Pullin                  Springmead                  1.84m

Evie                             North Bradley              1.84m

2nd        Gabby Doel                 Springmead                  1.71m

3rd        Holly                           North Bradley              1.70m


Ball Throw

1st        Bella Pullin                  Springmead                  18.00m

2nd        Ella Warmisham          Springmead                  15.87m

3rd        Arabella Goff              Springmead                  14.20m



1st        Rebecca                       North Bradley              8.42m

2nd        Arabella Goff              Springmead                  7.40m

3rd        Peggy Sparrow            Springmead                  6.80m

Evie                             North Bradley              6.80m

Tag Rugby Tournament

Wednesday 21st May saw the annual Clive Lewis Tag Rugby Tournament at Frome Rugby Club. Springmead entered a team in both the Year 3 and 4 and the Year 5 and 6 competitions.


The Year 3 and 4 team consisted of Lewis Miller, Dillon Tollworthy, Jemima Shakespeare, Lexie Chilton, Freya Buglass, Isaac Walsby, Beau Morgan, Jonny Cox, Jimmy Wright and Stanley Pagett. They were drawn in Pool 3 of the competition alongside St John’s Swords, Hayesdown Hazels, Dilton Marsh and a late second entry from Beckington. It was a mixed bag of performances from the Springmead team as they won 2 and lost 2, and didn’t manage to progress to the knockout stages. They were however up against some interesting interpretations of the laws of the game in the first match, as an American Football style score turned the game in St John’s favour. Springmead did well to pick themselves up from this cruel turn of events to win their next game against Beckington.

A narrow loss to Hayesdown Hazels all but ended Springmead’s hopes of progression in the Year  3 and 4 competition but a win in their final group game would allow them to finish 3rd in the group. Another hard fought victory was secured and Springmead could hold their heads high with particularly pleasing performances coming from Jonny Cox, Lewis Miller, Lexie Chilton and Freya Buglass.

The Year 5 and 6 team  (pictured, with the winners’ cup) consisted of Jacob Miller, Louis Mansfield, Charlie Shakespeare, Jack Parfitt-Keates, Max Grimes, Theo Fitz-Johnson, Gabby Doel, Arabella Goff, William De Jaeger and Edward Ball. They were drawn in Pool 2 of their competition against Selwood Hornets, Selwood Wasps, Oakfield Saplings, Bitham Brook and Upton Noble. Springmead started a little shakily and somehow managed only to draw their first game even though they had looked like comfortable winners at one point.


From that game onward, the team grew in confidence and produced some of the best rugby played by a Springmead team in the history of the tournament. All the players contributed well both in attack and defence as they managed to squeeze past some very strong teams to top their Pool and reach the final where they would face yet another Selwood team. The final was played at break neck speed with the ball switching from side to side and end to end and proved to be a rollercoaster ride for the Springmead supporters. Several times both teams seemed to be on the ropes before fighting back and the game finished level which meant extra time had to be played. Springmead started the period of extra time well and scored the first try.


It was now a case of strong defence and look for a breakaway try to secure the win. Despite having several opportunities the second try would not come and with the last play of the game Selwood equalised. Although technically the try wasn’t scored correctly it was given which did not please Mr Munckton! Now two and a half weeks after the event he has just about got over the decision. With both teams level at the final whistle the trophy was to be shared with Springmead having it for the first 6 months and Selwood the second. Despite the slight disappointment at the end nothing can take away from a fantastic team performance.


All the players would like to thank Brian Mansfield for his help with Tag Rugby club throughout the Spring Term and working with the Year 5 & 6 team at the tournament.

Go Explore, out and about

Posted on June 9th, 2014


Eagles Bushcraft Assessment Day

The weather was less than ideal on Wednesday as the Eagles set off for their final day of bushcraft at Gare Hill woods.  It was assessment day; the class were presented with a scenario that they had been on a coach which had crashed and left them stranded with no mobile phone signal and only the bare essentials for survival!  The class then split into four groups each led by their nominated leader and went off to set up camp.  The children were able to create a shelter, a camp fire for warmth and signaling, and also filter and boil water to make it suitable for drinking.  Despite the weather the children remained in good spirits and completed the tasks admirably.   The rain dried up mid- afternoon and all agreed it was a wonderful finale to their bushcraft year.  Big thanks to Mr and Mrs Hotson for once again making bushcraft both fun and packed with lifelong learrning.

Go Explore, out and about

Posted on May 19th, 2014

Year 5 and 6 in France

This year’s trip to France was an outstanding success. Our beautifully behaved Owls and Eagles immersed themselves in all the activities and opportunities presented to them and thoroughly enjoyed every moment.  Each day was well and truly seized!  Highlights of the trip were the visit to the chocolate factory, fun on the beach and exploring a French market.   We returned home late on Friday, tired out but brimming over with memories.

The trip was summed up by Jacob’s “I wish it was longer”.  (I’m not sure the adults could have managed much more though!)
Year 4 explore Frome
The Squirrels enjoyed a trip to Frome last Friday travelling by public bus to explore the town as part of their Town and City theme. They went on a walk around the town and had a look at a Georgian house and staircase. (Thank you Mrs Hopkins for allowing us into your house and explaining the history of it!). The children had time to sketch St John’s Church and Rook Lane Chapel, as well as finding out more facts about the local area in Frome Library. They were also interested and intrigued by the many different artefacts in Frome Museum, where many of the class even did some dressing up. What a fun and fascinating trip!


Reception trip to Carymoor
The Hedgehogs had a super time at Carymoor on Tuesday. The day was packed with great activities – a wildlife hunt for real bugs; learning how to spot the difference between daddy ducks and the camouflaged mummy ducks; bending willow sticks to make butterflies and mini-beast clay-modelling.
An important part of the day was to take a ‘rubbish-free’ picnic lunch which included flapjacks, sandwiches and crisps all packed in Tupperware so there was no packaging to throw in the bin. We can report that the Hedgehogs are currently top of Carymoor’s leader board for best rubbish-free lunch!

Year 6  bushcraft day at Gare Hill

The Eagles were so lucky with the weather on Tuesday as they spent the day in the woods extending their bushcraft skills and knowledge.  This session focused on tools and knife craft and took them on an historical journey from early stone tools to the modern equipment used around the world today.  The children were able to use knives to create tent pegs and fire sticks which they then utilized in creating small group camps: they erected a tarpaulin for shelter and created a fire for warmth and protection.  A great day was had by all.


Nursery go explore

The Ducklings enjoyed an action packed morning down at the wildlife area – from unexpectedly finding a frog at snack time, to mini-beast hunting and making mud cakes.  What a busy morning!



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