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Go Explore, out and about

Posted on March 31st, 2014

Year 6 Bushcraft Charity walk
This week the Eagles undertook their money raising event for Mercy in Action. With Mrs Cox and Mr and Mrs Hotson they set off from school on a sponsored round trip of 10k. Along the way they needed to complete ten challenges; including map reading, identifying plants and identifying hazards in the outdoors. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and they all returned to school tired and muddy having successfully completed the challenge.


The Otters report interesting findings……
Our roving reporters headed off to the wildlife area in teams of three on a mission to spot signs of spring! Each group took it in turns to report to camera with a technical assistant on standby. Our detective work was successful as we found buds, leaves, nests, catkins and several other pointers to its arrival. We did find, however, that live reporting is rather more difficult than it looks despite one team having a loud American on board!


The Rabbits also spot signs of spring!
There is always plenty to see on a walk round our lovely village, especially at this time of year and Year 1 noticed plenty of spring flowers, pretty pink blossom in the churchyard and the fresh young leaves just appearing on the hedges. On our way back we stopped to say hallo to some huge horses and some very noisy guinea fowl!

Cross Country Club winners

Posted on March 31st, 2014

In a wonderful end to the Cross Country season, Springmead runners are celebrating some outstanding successes this week. Pictured below are the children who have taken part in the Mendip Junior Cross Country League in four groups, lower school girls, lower school boys, upper school girls and upper school boys. Those who read Mr Munckton’s reports in the sport section of the Newsletter, will be aware that our standings in the individual and team tables have been impressive throughout the season. We are so proud that out of over 600 regional athletes between the ages of 8 and 11 competing, our runners have won the upper school boys team event, beating Millfield Prep, come 3rd in the lower school girls and boys events, and finished 9th overall in the upper school girls event. These brilliant team results are in addition to some outstanding individual performances too. A full report can be found further on in this Newsletter.

What a fantastic season for everyone who has taken part in the competition. Mention is due for Mr Munckton, Mrs May and Andy Doel for the training sessions and organisation of the club and fixtures. But above all, well done to each and every runner who showed such stamina and kept going through all weathers (with or without their shoes) – every muddy footstep was worth it!

Go Explore, out and about

Posted on March 24th, 2014

Year 5 Become Pioneers
Year 5 travelled back in time with a role playing game during their Go Explore session. The Owls had to imagine they had travelled over the sea from England to America and were setting up a colony. The children had to explain why they had chosen their area as the base for their settlement, thinking about food, water, natural resources and protection. They were then presented with a series of situations to deal with, from bears spotted in the area to bad weather spoiling crops. Their responses to these events enabled them to gain extra supplies and to trade with other settlements. It was a great role playing experience with a chance to think about some of the hardships and difficulties the pioneers had to overcome.


Foundation Stage Become Paleontologists

Dinosaurs are the theme in the Nursery at present, and the Ducklings and Hedgehogs immersed themselves in the very ancient past as they collected natural objects and pressed them into clay to make their own fossils.  Down at the wildlife area, the children first looked around for all the signs of spring that are starting to appear.  Fossils are now on display in the Nursery!

Year 4 Class Performance

Posted on March 24th, 2014

The Squirrels impressively wrote, revised (and re-revised where they felt it necessary) the script for their fun roundup of all things Tudor with a big focus on Henry VIII – who said himself ‘It’s all about me.’! There were some real standout moments, in particular the courtly dance and the tricky tongue twister; all designed to impress the king.  We enjoyed a dramatised musical enactment of Henry’s complex marital history and everyone now should be able to remember the names of all his wives and what happened to them.  The rock’n’roll style Henry’s Happy Hour was a perfect ending to a great Class Performance.

Year 3 Class Performance

Posted on March 24th, 2014

The Badgers showed us that through great teamwork amazing structures can be created with simple pieces of cloth!. Year 3 took us on a journey through the history of the major world religions, putting this information into the context of some of the key events also taking place in the world when each religion was born.

Through their freeze-frame tableaux and inventive cloth structures such as the one pictured here, the Badgers demonstrated fantastic focus and concentration throughout. In its second half the performance looked in more detail at Sikhism, and we all enjoyed the creative dramatisation of the story of The Princes and the Guru’s Cloak.

Mid Somerset Festival-Poetry

Posted on March 24th, 2014

We are now able to share the results from the Mid-Somerset Poetry classes, and once again are incredibly proud of all our children, who consistently achieve such excellent results through their own hard work and determination and fantastic support at home. An outstanding 50% of the children eligible at school to enter the Festival took part and in the 11 classes we entered four children were awarded 1st place, two 2nd place, and four 3rd place. While many children entering the Festival receive elocution lessons, ours do not, and are frequently commended by the adjudicators for their confidence.

Go Explore, out and about

Posted on March 3rd, 2014

Years 3 and 4

The Squirrels and Badgers enjoyed a beautiful spell of sunshine walking around our village. They were allocated a new walking partner, usually from a different cohort, every five minutes. With each partner  they were required to explore and discuss a different issue – 10 in all…..the value of the billions of pounds spent on space exploration,  the rights and wrongs of keeping pets, the need for new homes against preserving the countryside, and school uniform, to name a few.  There were some very perceptive and mature arguments taking place, and some new friendships formed.


Ship Ahoy! Year 2 visit SS Great Britain

As soon as we arrived we were greeted and whisked into a Victorians at Sea workshop.  With four busy activities to explore and enjoy we were soon taken back to the 1840s. We investigated mysterious objects, played traditional games, sketched silhouettes and wrote quotes with quills. This was all before we ventured onto the ship itself! Our tour left no corner unexplored as we had a full senses experience; looking at all there was to see, smelling the atmospheric aromas pumped into each cabin, hearing the sounds of the time, touching all the materials around and imagining what all the food would have tasted like when we saw the contrasting banquet and ships biscuits.  What an amazing all round experience and what a great day!

Sports news

Posted on February 11th, 2014

Tag Rugby v Beckington

The Year 3 & 4 Tag Rugby team had their first match on Monday afternoon, away to Beckington. The dry weather enabled safe handling skills but the muddy pitch made changing direction at pace treacherous! The first half was played end to end with one side scoring and then the other, but eventually the slippy conditions took their toll and an error by the home team allowed Springmead to score back to back points and take the lead. As the half wore on the Springmead defence, led by Lewis Miller and Isaac Walsby, came to the fore making life much harder for the Beckington attack and more errors were forced to ensure the away team so an encouraging half time team talk, with a reminder about running lines and support play, was required to liven up the sluggish Springmead attack.


The second half was a more polished display by the Springmead team and nobody demonstrated that better than half time substitute Jonny Cox who ran beautiful support lines to help himself to several tries. The Beckington team also improved in the second half and it was only our strong defence and tagging skills that kept Springmead ahead. Beau ‘Snake Hips’ Morgan provided several stand out moments of individual running and dodging skills to score several tries of his own. Jemima Shakespeare and Freya Buglass both worked hard in defence and grew into their attacking roles as the game progressed, providing final scoring passes for other players. The final score was Beckington 10 – 14 Springmead, with the other tries coming from Dillon Tollworthy and Stanley Pagett.


Mendip Junior Cross Country League- Millfield Prep, Glastonbury

Once again the Springmead Cross Country team travelled to the league event at Millfield Prep School on a cold and wet day Despite our wet winter, the course looked good from a distance but on closer inspection the going was heavy, very heavy in places.In the first race of the afternoon and having finished 7th last time, the girls’ team of Freya Buglass, Abby Sparrow and Jemima Shakespeare, were determined to improve on their individual performances in order to help the team position. All three girls ran fantastic races with Freya finishing 2nd, Abby 32nd and Jemima 35th which resulted in the lower school girls coming 3rd  overall.  Jemima’s performance was all the more impressive because like Eddie Donson last year, she ran for part of the race with only one trainer!

With the girls race over, it was the turn of the lower school boys’ team. Their 6th place finish at the last meet had been a little disappointing and so the boys were determined to improve, despite the difficult conditions. We saw another strong performance from the Springmead runners with Dillon Tollworthy finishing  11th, Stanley Pagett  14th, Lewis Miller 22nd and Jonny Cox 32nd in a race that had 124 entries. This strong showing enabled the lower school boys’ team also to come 3rd overall.


Next it was the upper school girls’ race with Gabby Doel, Lydia Burbidge, Annie Case, Taylor Milsom and Arabella Goff representing Springmead.  Last time out the girls had finished in 9th place so hopes were high for a better result this time. Despite the worsening weather,  all the girls performed admirably with Gabby coming 9th, Annie 22nd, Arabella 36th, Lydia 39th and Taylor 40th. Such fantastic effort and determination allowed the girls’ team to come 5th overall for this meet.


As the skies darkened, it was the turn of the upper school boys to race. Having finished 1st overall at the previous event the pressure was well and truly on to keep the standard up. Although missing Charlie Shakespeare, it was still a strong squad who took to the start line. With the course having been used for 3 races already it was starting to cut up and become very slippery. Once again the boys produced some great performances with Eddie Donson (who kept both trainers on for the entire race this year!) 7th, Theo Fitz-Johnson 11th, Oliver Welbourn 13th, Ethan Collingwood 19th, Edward Ball 22nd, Harry Buchan 55th,  and William De Jaeger 56th. Unfortunately this was not quite good enough to put us  in 1st place for the meet as Millfield pipped us to the post by 3 points, but 2nd place in such bad conditions was a brilliant result.


With three of the five events complete, Springmead is in a strong position in the individual and team competitions, with individual places as follows:

  • Freya Buglass is currently 3rd in the LSG competition.
  • Stanley Pagett is currently 8th and Dillon Tollworthy 12th in the LSB      competition.
  • Gabby Doel is currently 13th  in the USG competition.
  • Eddie Donson is currently 6th, Oliver Welbourn 9th, Theo Fitz-Johnson 10th      and Ethan Collingwood 12th in the USB competition.
  • In the team competition  the LSG team are 6th, LSB team 3rd, USG team 7th      and USB 2nd.
  • In the overall schools  competition Springmead are in 3rd place and 2nd      place for the small schools section.


Go explore, out and about

Posted on February 11th, 2014

Foundation Stage

You may have spotted the Winter Bird Café that has opened in the garden – all the result of Go Explore this week for the Ducklings and Hedgehogs who were thinking about how to look after the birds in winter.  After a walk to look for birds to feed, they set up the Café and made special food for any feathery visitors!


Reception and Year 1 Trip to the Egg Theatre, Bath

The Hedgehogs and Rabbits thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the theatre last Friday.  After a re-telling of the Goldilocks story – this time with a twist at the end – the children stayed for a special question and answer session and had lots of questions about what they had seen.  This traditional tale was brought to life in a magical way with puppets and soft toys, and, as well as being fun, has led to some great topic and literacy work back at school this week


Year 1 Eco House trip

The Rabbits took the bus into Frome for a fascinating morning’s visit to two wonderful houses.  In the eco house they learned all about how a building can be ‘lean, mean, and green’ through polystyrene walls, a sedum roof and all sorts of other clever energy saving features.  Then the children went next door to Tilly’s house to enjoy a delicious snack made by Mrs Haines which included toasted hot cross buns – yummy!


Year 5 and Year 6 Trip to the Merlin Theatre Frome Community College production

Peggy Sparrow from Year 6 reports: ‘We were excited just waiting for the show to start and there was such a great atmosphere in the theatre, with the audience joining in the songs.  The Grease Lightening scene with the car transformed on stage, was brilliant.  The singing was really good and I liked that everyone taking part in the show was involved in so many scenes.  Beauty School Dropout was funny when it looked like the Teen Angel had forgotten his lines!  All in all it was a 10/10 evening – and much better than the film.’










Go Explore, out and about

Posted on February 3rd, 2014

Foundation stage

The Ducklings and Hedgehogs made good use of a rainy morning last Friday to mix coloured paint in the playground puddles.


Year 2 Go Explore

Imagine the scene, 500 years ago, as a splendid sailing ship heads towards lands afar.  So it was that the Otters re-created life aboard a vessel full of potential settlers setting out for the Americas.  The long, arduous and, sometimes, boring voyage came to life on the outside stage.  Having come ashore the Otters then became Native Americans living their very different lives based around a camp fire.  To keep our damp spirits up we tasted the modern equivalent of maize with some corn chips – a great discovery we decided!


Year 4 Go Explore

Last week the Squirrels enjoyed their Go Explore session at the wildlife area where they built their own doubling machines out of the different natural materials that they could find. When they had completed their construction of the machines they showed them to each other. They were then tested by Miss Clark and other members of the class who put a number into the machine for the engineers of the machine to produce the doubled solution. What a fun maths lesson!





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