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Extra-Mural Clubs

Springmead pupils can choose from around 30 extra-mural clubs each term which operate at lunch-times and after school. 

Why do we place so much importance and emphasis on this extended curriculum? We often talk about ‘educating the whole child’, but what exactly does that mean? Research done by Carl E. Schlesser reveals that students who participate in extra-curricular activities are three times more likely to have better grades compared to those who do not participate.

We pride ourselves on achieving excellent academic results at Springmead. Researchers also discovered that extra-curricular activities allowed pupils to learn life skills that benefit them right through to adulthood, in their professional, social and academic careers.

Similarly, these activities will help you to discover more about yourself. A whole range of talents lie within you, the first step to discovery is to choose and explore. Pursuing something beyond the school curriculum helps in the growth of an individual’s self-awareness and a better understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses.

Many people today have different career connections as a result of earlier links rooted in their involvement in extra-curricular activities at school.

We all know that pursuing additional activities often come at a considerable cost to parents, both in financial terms and in the time, logistics and energy required. We hope that by providing such a wide variety of options at school, we can demonstrate how passionate we are about the belief that ‘engagement equals success,’ and encourage children to explore new areas.