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When considering independent education for your child, it is essential that you consider the total cost you will pay from nursery to the end of preparatory, aged 11.

We feel that it is wrong that independent schools sometimes ‘buy’ pupils in at low cost, only to inflate the fees in the higher year groups once your family commitments are with that school.

At Springmead, the fees are the same amount for a full time nursery child as a Year 6 pupil.

This ensures that if you can budget for the nursery fees today then you are more certain of being able to face the financial challenges up to Year 6.

  • School Travel Plan - Up to 10% of the termly fee can be recovered if you travel to and from school by sustainable means. This genuine cost saving helps parents and the environment.
  • Main School Fees 2018-2019 
  • Nursery Fees – We have a competitive fee structure.  Fees for each child are affected by the Early Years Entitlement which means we take into account the age and number of hours required for an individual child.  15 and 30 hours Early Years Entitlement is available.  Please contact our Bursar, Mike Mori (bursar@springmead.com) for detailed fees based on specific circumstances.
  • Scholarships