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“Springmead School gives you the opportunity to learn inside the classroom as well as outside, making it interesting, and allowing us to seize the day.” -  Angus

“At Springmead, teachers and staff encourage you to reach your goals and support you as you grow and develop preparing you for secondary school and beyond.” - Charlie

“The Learning Support teachers at Springmead School have helped me to learn to love myself and recognise that I can be the best I can through hard work and determination.” - Alex

“Springmead helps me to believe in myself, to never give up and to follow my dreams.” - Russell

“I think Springmead is a special and amazing school as it helps you to believe you can achieve anything.” - Milly

“Springmead School is an excellent school because it supports different charities inspiring us children to support and helps children that aren’t as lucky or privileged as us.” - Xavier

“When I felt like I wanted to give up, Springmead School, and especially Mrs Taylor, were very caring and supportive in making me feel happy again.” - Martha

“Sport at Springmead is awesome. Mr Munckton understands us as children and supports us to be the best we can be. At the end of day all children at Springmead ‘seize the day’.” - Luca

“Springmead, and its staff, is a special school because everyone supports you in everyway they can.” - Tilly

“Springmead School supplies us with the opportunities to progress and reach our full potential in areas that we enjoy and areas we need to improve on.” - Harrison

“Springmead gives us the opportunity to fulfil our goals as well as allowing us to take the classroom outside and learn about life skills.” - Lydia

“The food at Springmead School is delicious and nutritious encouraging us to eat healthy and live healthy.” - Miles

 “I like that Springmead School gives more than just learning. The events Springmead hosts year round give us the opportunity to display our talents and really shine.” - Jack

“Swimming at Springmead allows us to learn and develop our skills as well as having fun.” - James

“Springmead offers a wide range of clubs and activities that we can all take part in and enjoy.” - Eva

“Springmead School is outstanding, giving you the best opportunities for secondary school and for life.” - Campbell