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Senior Schools

The Royal High School, Bath

Rebecca Dougall, Headteacher

I have been really impressed by all the girls who have joined The Royal High School, Bath, from Springmead. They are a real credit to their school.

Academically prepared, self-disciplined, impeccably behaved with a positive attitude to studying and capable of independent research; the focus for learning at Springmead is mirrored perfectly by our ethos at The Royal High School, Bath. The foundations in place at Springmead enable girls to take the next step on their educational journey with real confidence. At Springmead, children develop a passion for life and learning, which we also nurture at The Royal High School, Bath.

Springmead girls have learned to value their own and each others’ strengths and talents – academic, creative, practical and social. At The Royal High School, Bath they have the opportunity to enhance their unique talents through a rich and distinctive curriculum, to become adaptable, adventurous and academically outstanding individuals, but above all, to be themselves and to play a valuable role in our girls only school community. We look forward to welcoming more Springmead girls in the future.

Prior Park College, Bath

David Sackett, Prior Park College, Bathn

At Prior Park College we have been delighted to welcome a number of pupils from Springmead. What has always impressed me is how well these boys and girls have been prepared for senior school and I have been delighted to watch their progress in the college. Whilst being very much individuals in their own right, each and every one of the Springmead leavers share common traits of politeness, respect and a joy of learning; attributes we also value highly at the college. Springmead in my opinion to be an excellent preparatory school and the pupils who choose to move onto Prior Park continue to thrive.

Warminster School, Warminster, Wiltshire

Martin Priestley, Headmaster

Several children have come on to Warminster School from Springmead and have flourished here, which is testament to the preparatory work and guidance provided by Springmead.

Bruton School for Girls

Kate Berrington

In our experience, pupils from Springmead settle easily at Bruton School for Girls, quickly making friends and willingly contributing to school life. In our all-girls environment, every opportunity, in and out of the classroom, is open only to girls; Springmead pupils grasp the range of opportunities with enthusiasm and confidence. Our teachers have found that the girls are sensitive, mature and thoughtful and popular with their peers. It is testament to Springmead’s strengths that the pupils who join Bruton School for Girls each year are conscientious and keen to make the most of the next stage of their education. We are always delighted to welcome girls from Springmead!